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Aromatherapy Chakras

Understanding Aromatherapy for Chakras

Everything in this wonder-filled cosmos is made of vibrational energy. From atoms that form the device you’re reading this on; to the millions of molecules in your physical body; the world around you; and all the stars in the universe – it is all energy. Subtle aromatherapy uses the vibrational, energetic quality of essential oils to influence our psyche and spiritual wellbeing, which allows us to self-heal. The vibrations of the body can go out of tune when we experience physical or emotional stress, and so energetic healing can be used to restore the body to a healthy, harmonic resonance.

Each of the seven chakras resonates on a different vibrational frequency, and this corresponds to the seven colours of the light spectrum. When they are balanced and aligned, everything sings in divine, harmonic resonance and we feel inspired, wise, full of gratitude and love, vibrant, and completely content in the universe.

However, when the chakras are out of alignment the body is in a state of discordant dis-ease, and depending on whether the chakra is overactive or underactive, it can bring about an emotional state of anxiousness, lethargy, despair, anger, stress, irritability, panic, despondence, and can even affect our physiological state too. Spiritually we feel discontent, lost, helpless, bitter and are generally unhappy within ourselves and our place in the world.

Aromatherapy can help rebalance the chakras and restore our prana - our ki, our life force- to its most radiant and resonant form by pacifying overactive chakras, or inspiriting underactive chakras. If you visualize a rainbow, it’s at its most beautiful when it’s balanced and proportionate – too much or too little of one colour would be uncomfortable with an unsettling power dynamic. Each chakra has an equally important role to play, and so neglecting one in favour of another can lead to an imbalance. However, life is naturally full of ups and downs, which is why we can use subtle (vibrational) aromatherapy to counterbalance the chaos of the world around us.

Chakra healing focuses on restoring balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. With introspection and self-awareness, we can begin to translate our life’s challenges symbolically and find meaning in them. We become conscious of where we are exerting our physical and emotional power, and where we feel as though we are lacking in it.

How the aroma of our candles & oils work with each chakra


Achieve peace and happiness

Violet - can help heal and balance all chakras
Sandalwood - takes us to a higher state of consciousness
Frankincense - enhance meditation


Responsible for intuition

Sandalwood - Cleanse the Pituitary & awaken the third-eye
Sage -  Purify the mind's eye of negativity
Lemon - is clarifying & increases awareness


Self-expression & influences

Peppermint - regenerate energy within the body
Basil -  can alleviate feelings of depression and stress
Frankincense - helps increase spiritual awareness


Ability to love & forgive

Lavender - works to calm strong emotions
Palmarosa - provides a sense of security and unconditional love
Bergamot - can ease tension & is uplifting to the mind


Confidence and self-esteem

Sandalwood - helps raise awareness and reach higher levels of consciousness
Lemongrass - Relieves fatigue
Bergamot - alleviate anxiety, stress & tension 


Your desires and emotions

Orange - free your mind up to concentrate
Lemon - can help you stay focused
Ylang Ylang - encourages us to fully own our sensual side


Sense of security and safety

Cedarwood - used to help calm nervous tension and stress
Frankincense - can help calm and clear blocked chakras
Patchouli - to dispel fear and find clarity


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